Who We Are

Bungalow 7 is a full-service audio production house. We compose, direct, record, edit and generally create all kinds of audio for an equally diverse array of purposes . From a single person with a microphone to 98-piece orchestras, we do it all. In short, we make noise. Beautiful noise. Regardless of how many martinis we’ve had. (And not those bullsh!t Apple Crantinis; we’re talking the real deal here.)


Doug Pennock, Founder, Composer, Big Cheese

Doug hails from the frosty town of Winnipeg. But that should come as no surprise. The Peg is widely regarded as a hot bed of musical talent.  Hey, how else would you expect to amuse yourself there? Aside from swatting mosquitoes the size of small fruit bats. Doug has worked with orchestras made up of up to 98 players. So come on, challenge him. Let’s make it an even 100!


Gary Gray, Recording Engineer


With literally thousands of credits under his belt Gary has had the fortune of working with many of the best know international composers and producers such as Howard Shore & Phil Ramone. And it works the other way around in our opinion.


Jamie Hopkings, Orchestration and Conducting


About as well-rounded as musicians come, Jamie has written for any instrument or ensemble you could possibly imagine. Nose-flute quartet, you say? Okay, maybe you’ve got us there. But if he did, we know it would be nothing short of mind blowing.

Peter Breiner, conductor, composer, pianist and arranger

To say Peter is prolific would be a wee bit of an understatement. (The “wee bit” is an immense understatement in itself.) He has played, conducted and written almost every kind of music there is – classical, pop, jazz, folk, cross-over, film scores. There’s so much more to say about Peter, but he’s really starting to overshadow us.


Tim Welch Composer & Guitar God


Having penned for and played on a huge list of albums, TV shows and movies Tim is a brilliant musician in his own right. After hearing a few of his visceral, sinewy guitar lines, you’ll quickly understand why we’re really glad this axman is on our side.