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Oh, we see you’re already familiar with our work.

Well, you would’ve had to spend a considerable amount of time under one of those colloquial rocks in order to not have been exposed to the things we’ve done. Take a look around, and you’ll likely see a lot more stuff you recognize. It seems we are very good at exposing ourselves. Wait, that came out wrong…

CTV Two Adds to our News Line Up

CTV Two which launched in September 2011 adopts the news package used by all CTV affiliates.

Talk about newsworthy.

Doug has provided all of the music for CTV’s National and Affiliate News for more than 12 years. (He must really be getting the hang of it now.)

Lloyd Retires…. well sort of

Saying Congrats to Lloyd during the taping of his last Show as he turns the Anchor Chair over to Lisa Laflamme….but Lloyd will still be on air with W5